Moorings in Aprilia Marittima and Capo Nord


Aprilia Marittima was built in the 80s and has since become an international destination for boat enthusiasts. In recent years, the complex has developed and today counts with 3 marinas and more than 1,000 decks equipped with the most modern infrastructure and able to meet all the needs of sea fanatics.

We have available moorings for rent and on sale in Darsena Aprilia marittima and Marina Capo Nord and can accomodate boats up to 20 m. long.

As an alternative to a single mooring, we also offer bungalows with a private deck in front of your house. Discover Terra Mare Canal di Pontente and Terra Mare Capo Nord to learn more.

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Loyalty prices for longer term bookings: Special conditions for 2-year bookings: book your deck for 2 years to guarantee your price and access a special discount. More details in our price section
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Darsena Aprilia Marittima - Moorings for rent (7.00 - 20.00 m.)

Darsena Aprilia Marittima - Introduction

Marina Aprilia Marittima is equipped with every comfort, including dock electricity, satellite TV and water. Next to your deck, there is a private swimming pool, showers, services and car parking for guests, a restaurant and ample green space.

Contact us for special offers on multi-year rentals.

Prices 01/04/2023 - 30/03/2024

Darsena Capo Nord - Moorings for rent (10.00 - 20.00 m.)

Marina Capo Nord - Intoduction

The last Marina built in Aprilia Marittima, Capo Nord follows the tradition and offers its customers first quality services. Its guests have at disposal a variety of services, including: electricity at the deck, satellite TV service with weather channel, water and wireless Internet connection. Near the dock there are: swimming pool, restaurant, showers, services and car parking.

Contact us for special offers on multi-year rentals.

Prices 01/04/2023 - 30/03/2024

Kran-pass in Dry Marina - Dry moorings for your boat during the winter

Kran-pass in Dry Marina - Information
As an alternative to wet mooring, we offer multiple options for dry moorings, including protection inside a shed. The Kran-Pass parking service in Dry Marina includes parking and overnight stay in your own boat. Additional services included in the annual rental price: hauling and launching, keel washing, storage on land, water, electricity, car parking, showers and toilets. We offer an additional 20% discount on daily wet mooring (not included in the rental price)

Services - An end to end solution to your boat services

Services - Information
The nautical center is equipped for advanced technical assistance and offers travelifts and cranes up to 60 tons. Your every request will be satisfied with the help of qualified and specialized personnel

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